2022 Food Vendor Application

Applications due Monday, July 31, 2022.

If you have any questions, contact Darryl Ann McCarthy at (978) 538-5702 or ifestpeabody@gmail.com.


Vendors must breakdown booth at 5pm and be off the street by 5:30pm.

Participants are responsible for supplying their own booth equipment, including extension cord(s), trash receptacles, chairs, and tables.

In order for an eligible individual/organization to be considered for participation in the International Festival, they must complete the application form and submit it within the required time parameters.

*Late applications will be considered at the discretion of the International Festival Committee.


The International Festival Committee is organized and operated to utilize a combination of funding from the City of Peabody and private contributions to provide the maximum benefits to the entire Peabody Community.  The Committees goals are to:

  1. Highlight the ethnic diversity that comprises and strengthens the City.
  2. Present examples of the various ethnic groups’ art, culture, music, dance, literature and food.
  3. Provide an opportunity for diverse individuals and groups to work together on a community project that positively contributes to the quality of life in Peabody.
  4. Provide a showcase of artists of all cultures and expertise (for example: fine arts, sculpture, music, dance, narrative arts etc.) to present their work to the community.
  5. Provide a day of total enjoyment and entertainment for young and old, to highlight the educational and historical culture of the community.
  1. All booths/displays must reflect the unique features of the ethnic group which they represent.
  2. Signage for booths will be provided by the International Festival Committee.  Signs must be returned at the close of the International Festival or a fee will be assessed.  NO COMMERCIAL SIGNS ARE ALLOWED AT BOOTHS.
  3. Booths may only display/sell those items previously listed on application and approved by the International Festival Committee.
  4. Booth sizes are limited to 15 feet by 10 feet.  If more space is needed, it must be requested from the International Festival Committee on your application.
  5. No balloons are allowed at the booths or within the perimeter of the International Festival.
  6. Staffing must be sufficient to meet crowd needs throughout the Festival.
  7. Booths should provide sufficient goods to meet crowd needs throughout the Festival.
  8. Booths cannot be broken down until the conclusion of the International Festival.  Vehicles will not be allowed in the Festival area until after the Festival has concluded.
  9. The purchase of double booths will only be allowed if there is sufficient space available. Please contant Darryl at (978) 538-5702 or ifestpeabody@gmail.com for availability.
  10. Exhibits may not sell food items unless they have paid an entrance fee. Any display booths not assessed any entrance fee will be billed at the conclusion of the Festival if they have sold food/items at their booths.

Contact Information

At least 1 person must be present at all times who is responsible for monitoring safe food handling practices and initiating corrective actions to ensure compliance with regulations 105 CMR 590.000
We want to be able to tag and link to your website and/or social on our website's Food Booth page.

Vendor Information

Location of permitted kitchen where food is stored and/or prepared.
Include complete attached menu with prices and explanation of type of display for exhibit. Please also note if a meal is/has a vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, and/or gluten free option.
All foods must be obtained from an approved source.
The International Festival committee will only supply 120 volt power.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
If you have any special requests (i.e. booth location) please put that here – we will do our best to accommodate all special requests.
Please sign your name here.


Application will not be accepted unless payment is complete.
$ 0.00

*Application fees will be refunded if application is not accepted or does not follow the Statement of Purpose and Requirements.