2024 Galleria Application

If you have any questions, contact Lisa Greene at (978) 538-5777 or Lisa.Greene@peabody-ma.gov.


The International Festival Committee is organized and operated to utilize a combination of funding from the City of Peabody and private contributions to provide the maximum benefits to the entire Peabody Community.  The Committees goals are to:

  1. Highlight the ethnic diversity that comprises and strengthens the City.
  2. Present examples of the various ethnic groups’ art, culture, music, dance, literature and food.
  3. Provide an opportunity for diverse individuals and groups to work together on a community project that positively contributes to the quality of life in Peabody.
  4. Provide a showcase of artists of all cultures and expertise (for example: fine arts, sculpture, music, dance, narrative arts etc.) to present their work to the community.
  5. Provide a day of total enjoyment and entertainment for young and old, to highlight the educational and historical culture of the community.
  1. Crafts are not allowed in the Arts Galleria. To apply for an Artisan Market booth, apply here.
  2. All exhibits must have the prior approval of the Galleria Coordinator before being displayed.
  3. This year the Galleria Committee hopes to encourage more sales of our artists’ work. We invite all artists to set up a Venmo, Paypal, or other digital payment application, share it, and Galleria volunteers will be happy to direct interested buyers to that app to make a payment. We will place a red dot on all artwork sold during the show and purchasers can return for the pieces after at the end of the day or make arrangements to pick up at another time.
  4. The Galleria Coordinator will provide all necessary display materials.  Please do not bring easels, stands, etc.
  5. The Galleria Coordinator will hang and arrange all artwork.

Awards & Prizes

  • “International Festival Diversity Award” – $500
  • “Best in Show” – $500
  • “People’s Choice” – $500
  • 1st Place winners in each artwork categories – $100