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Artisan Market & Galleria

The Galleria will be on Foster Street showcasing artwork and paintings from both new and familiar faces. And all new this year, Creative Collective will be bringing in over 40 local artisan vendors featuring crafts from all around the world!

And finally, the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce will host a Beer Garden on Main Street. Beer will be supplied by a local brewery. We hope you can join us as we celebrate our city’s rich cultural diversity with plenty of food, music, and fun!

Creative Collective

Artisan Market Vendors

FishScale Creations


Rest Press

Woven Royal

Eric Draws Art

The Jellyfish Lady

Esperanza soaps

Eight Corns


Skeletons in the Closet

Beverly Bees

Green Phoenix Threads

ArcWorks Community Arts Center

Sarah Kelly Ceramics

Simply Simon Soaps and Skincare

Acid Earth Shop

Winchester School of Chinese Culture

Lush Industrial

Iris Designs

Moody Interiors

Right Place Right Time

Maryann Bancroft Watercolors

Taleo Handmade

D Wolf Designs

Ravenstone Gifts

ADC Jewelry Designs

Aasma’s Dream

Sully’s Brand

Wicked Good Henna

Galleria Participants

Beth Aaronson
Dan Abenaim
Jean Ahearn
Mary Bancroft Ann
Lorraine Bennett
Aurea Bettencourt
Rita Carrabba
Josephine Chmiel M.
Eric Clark
Randy Cole
Mary Connor I.
Marcy Consalvo G.
Louise Conti S.
Joyce Costa
Richard D’Ambrosio
Anthony DeLuca Skip
Shaila Desai
Alyse Diamantides

M.E Drummey
Mary English Jane
Amanda Fanning
Gail Fialho
Joyce Fukasawa
Dianne Gagnon-Caputo
Rebecca Gosiewski
Catherine Gosiewski
Joanne Graham-Troy
Shirley Guerriero
Kevin Hawkes T.
Roberta Hung
Britt Inger-Daw
Maya Jacob
Michele Jerow
Lisa Kelly
Dale Kimball E.
Sandra Kirby

Barbara Kremer
Audrey LaRosa
Sandra Lockard
Peggy MacNeil
Estelle McOsker
Ann Medina E.
Georgianna Melendez
Linda Mendonca
Rita Messina
Alicia Mills
Pasquale Minichillo Jr
Susan Mitchell
Ruth Mowder
Norma Mularz F.
Anne Mullen M.
Lorraine O’Brien
Gita Parmar
Ruth Pelkey Ann

Jeannine Pelkey
Michelle Poirier
Diana Sanders
Hedy Sanni
Michael Saporito
Charlotte Savage
Ikuo Shinzato
Terumi Shinzato
Joseph Smith R.
Marjorie Snow J.
James Sousa
Jillian Stanton
Erin Survilas
William Tambini
Frank Tomasello
Karen Troiano
Maryann Trudeau
Leo Vincent

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Photography courtesy of Cheryl Millard